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What is a Green Patent?| IP Conversations

Climate change and environmental problems have made its mark on our generation. But did you know that there is a specific type of patent that addresses these issues? Read this IP Conversation to find out!

Hey IP Geek. 

I heard that between 2016-2021 every second patent granted in India related to green technology. But what is this green patent ?


Green patents emerged as part of efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

Such patents protect technology which benefit the environment or stop degradation.

Technologies which deal with waste or make use of renewable sources of energy like tidal, biomass, solar geothermal energy are granted green patents.


Some countries have an option where these patents get prioritized over other applications. 

Green patents may, depending on local laws, be examined and granted faster than normal patents. 

Canada, the UK, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil are some examples of countries which have implemented these measures.  

The idea is that fast-tracking green patents will lead to an equitable economic future, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

I see. Environmental protection and climate change mitigation does seem like something we should be paying attention to.

Thanks for letting me know about this, IP Geek.



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