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PA Legal is an Indian Law firm founded by Priggya Arora, an alumnus of the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. We extend Intellectual Property and Technology Law services to domestic and foreign clientele from multidisciplinary industries. We have advised a wide range of clients, including emerging start-ups, MSMEs, VC funded start-ups, Real-Estate Developers, E-commerce giants, and even Fortune 500 companies.

We have a track record of successfully representing our clients in class-action suits, infringement actions, and domestic as well as international arbitrations. Our extensive experience includes providing end to end services in the domain of Intellectual Property, from conceptualization and strategy building, to grant, defense, enforcement, and commercialization.

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals consider the interests of our clients equal to our own, and we deliver our services with the utmost integrity, sincerity, commitment, and professionalism. At PA Legal, our aim is to convert our clients’ rights to assets and to provide an optimum return on your investments. We are committed to maintaining long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients, and we do our best to fulfil their every need.

Global Reach

In addition to our domestic clients in India, we have also worked with clients from different parts of the world, including the USA, China, the UK, Australia, Singapore, South Africa and Germany and more.

Our services have ranged from the prosecution of national and international Intellectual Property applications to commercial litigation, and we look forward to expanding our reach and our experience in the future.

Our international clients rely on us for concise communication, detailed explanations, and follow-through.

Year In Review

PA Legal is always looking for new opportunities for growth. Our team of enthusiastic professionals are always moving forward and looking for new experiences, and we hope to have you along with us on our journey.

Year in Review


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About Priggya Arora

Engineer, Lawyer, Entrepreneur and above all, daughter of inspirational parents, Priggya Arora has worked in intellectual property law for more than five years. She has had extensive experience in handling intellectual property matters related to the fields of software, electrical, mechanical, electronics, telecommunications and robotics.

She founded PA Legal in 2019 and has since then, with the help of her team, expanded her expertise to include other forms of Intellectual Property, Technology Law and Commercial Litigation.

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