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Is ChatGPT Coming For Your Job?| IP Conversations

With the recent release of GPT 4.0, ChatGPT is even more in the news than it actually is. But what exactly does it mean for patents in practice? Read this IP Conversation to find out!

 Hey IP Geek! 

I heard that ChatGPT will soon be able to file patent applications. 

Isn’t this a crisis of sorts? It means that Patent Attorneys will be out of a job soon!


Relax! I personally think that’s very unlikely at this stage.  After all, AI is still dependent on existing data.

ChatGPT uses existing data to make rough inferences for new data. 

Patent Claims, for example, cannot by definition rely on existing knowledge. It’s also a complicated, multi-variable process.

Qualified Patent Agents are still necessary for this.


This is not to say that AI has no applications in the patent process, however. 

For example, patent search and litigation involves reviewing several technical applications, which can get tiresome.

Chat GPT can generate summaries of such documents faster. This would save time and money for Patent Agents and allow them to focus on areas AI would not have expertise in. 

This is also likely to be the case for other types of skilled white-collar work. Of course, the situation may change once AI advances further, but we are not quite there yet.

Ah, so for now AI can  assist humans but not completely replace them. I guess we should keep an eye on future developments.

Thanks for the information, IP Geek.


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