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How did Disney Influence US Copyright Law?

Copyright is what allows creators or authors have the exclusive right to reproduce their work in a public domain by authorization for a limited time frame, provided their work falls under the broad categories of literary, artistic, cinematographic, or musical works. Of all the IP types, copyright has the most...

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legal reporting

What Are the Guidelines Pertaining to Legal Reporting?

Introduction Every day, law students log in and read cases that go back as old as the 1800s. These cases are reported on various websites that are a click away. But why do these cases get reported? What are the rules that they follow while reporting? Are there any laws...

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The Basics of Character Merchandising

What is Character Merchandising? At some point of time in our childhood we all have watched cartoons, comedy shows and various other forms of media. People have a tendency, after prolonged exposure to things they like, to become a great admirer of one fictional character or another, to the extent...

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people taking photos

Why Do Celebrities Not Own Their Paparazzi Photos?

Introduction Recently, Grammy award-winning British singer, Dua Lipa fell into some legal trouble. She was sued by Integral Images over posting a picture of herself that was photographed by them. The company has demanded damages worth a whopping $150,000 along with legal costs and an order that would restrain the...

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news items

How Do We Deal With Fake News?

Introduction Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of news items. From our favourite news channels to our daily messaging apps, there is no place left in the media where people do not try to step in to direct some kind of information. From stories about criminal gangs on the...

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digital downloads, piracy

How Does Digital Piracy Affect Cinematographic Works?

Introduction The pandemic has resulted in a surge in online piracy. India showed a rise of 62% in piracy of online films between February and March 2020 alone. These spikes in fact were not just limited to India. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy also...

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similar websites

How Do We Deal With Rogue Websites?

What Are Rogue Websites? The internet has brought one of the biggest revolutions in the world. In today’s world, we cannot imagine living a single day without the internet. It has become an inseparable part of everything – from our mobile phones to our cars. Companies can now reach a...

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How Do We Protect Film Director Rights in India?

Introduction What is a ship without its captain? Perhaps a ship anchored at a port. A film director is that captain to a film. Though films are made with a collective effort of the writer, screen player, producer, actor, etc., it takes no proper form without the creative mind of...

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Why is the Optis v. Apple Saga Significant?

Background Back in August 2020, Apple Inc. lost against the patent infringement suit (for two patents) brought by Optis Wireless Technology, filed in Texas. This claim was related to the use of 4G telecommunications technology used in Apple’s iPhone. As per a report by This is Money, Apple doesn’t own...

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The Core Principles of Trademark Fluidity

Introduction The approach towards any company’s logo/mark has experienced a shift with the advent of digitization. Big corporations are now constantly modifying their logo to highlight any recent happening, or make the page more interactive. For instance, Google Doodle is known for its interactive designs, which are modified per any...

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Encouraging Innovation: The Way Forward

In today’s technology-driven world, innovation is of paramount importance. Innovative products and processes reduce manufacturing time, streamline the supply chain process and ultimately allows for the production of cheaper, more efficient goods that are accessible by more consumers. The importance of innovation is so much, in fact, that over the...

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Who Owns the IP Created By Employees?

Background It is an accepted practice in the corporate sector that the company will file a patent application by relying on the inventions by its employees, under the company’s name. This is done mostly due to the existing employment contract, which has a specific clause for the company’s ownership over...

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