Media and Entertainment

The past decade and a half has seen a steep rise in the spheres of media, entertainment and advertising. Both national and international players are involved in India’s thriving market for entertainment in all its forms. Media law is a multi-disciplinary morass of ADR, Intellectual Property protections and transactions, data protections, technology, commerce and digital forensics. Our vibrant young team is familiar with all of these spheres, and will assist and advice you in making the most of your assets in the media fields.

Our services for media and entertainment include:

Media Acquisition: Negotiations for acquiring media assets for various forms of entertainment for television, film, traditional publication, music, or outdoor events. We also provide services for the acquisition of pre-existing works for adaptations and transformative works.

Media Proliferation: We handle the negotiations for the licensing, distribution and syndication of your media property on various platforms. This includes publication advice for traditionally or digitally published media. In addition, our team of IP experts are always available to strategize an IP management plan for you, with our aim towards maximized monetization.

Digital Media Management: A significant amount of media content these days is digital in nature. Our team helps you aim the content of your original media towards the needs of the market. We also help in navigating media content distribution through various digital platforms and serving notices to protect your content from online piracy.

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