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Vifor vs. CCI : Competition and Patent Law in India

Patent laws and competition law may seem to be in conflict with each other at first glance. One of them gives inventors limited term monopoly rights, while the other is concerned with promoting the existence of a competitive market by making sure one organization deos not hald too much power.

These opposing objectives may not, however, be quite as conflicting as they initially appear to be. Both of these laws aim to balance individual interests with the greater public interest.

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Case in point; Vifor International Ltd. v. CCI, where ee see this intersection of patent and competition laws in India. The case highlights how these laws can exist in tandem and provide relief to the aggrieved.

Priggya Arora of PA Legal took a closer look into this matter, and the resulting article has been published on IP Watchdog. Go and check it out- there are a lot of interesting things in there about how these two laws interact.

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