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How Do You Get a “Patent Pending” Status in India?

If you have developed a product or a process which you think is new, you might be thinking of applying for a patent, or getting a “patent pending” status on your product or process. But how exactly do you do that?

Today, let us go through how to apply for a patent in India, step by step.

A Patent Application can be easily filed in India using the comprehensive e-filing system, which is the online portal of the Indian patent office.

When filing a patent, you have two options. You can either file a provisional patent application or a complete patent application.

A provisional patent application is made when your technology is not fully developed but you want to secure a date on which your technology has been initiated. Once you file a provisional patent application, you have twelve months to develop your technology further.

Once these 12 months are up, it is mandatory to file a complete patent application. This deadline cannot be extended, and failing to file the complete application means you forfeit the application entirely.

Alternatively, you can file the complete patent application directly.

Once an application is complete, you can then use the “patent pending” tag, letting people know that your technology is likely to be protected and should not be copied.

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