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What‘s The Invention Which Lets You Know If You‘ve Been Bowled Out? | IP Conversations

Patented inventions are unique and innovative by definition, and they have a number of diverse functions. For example, did you know about an invention that can help you figure out if you’ve been bowled out in cricket?

Read this IP Conversation to find out!”

Hey IP Geek. 

I played some cricket with my friends and got into an argument about if the wicket had been touched. Is there an IP-related way to prevent future arguments? 

I know you’re half joking when you ask me this question, but it turns out there is an Indian patent, “Visible Bowled Indication For Cricket Stump” which does exactly this!

This is a very simple mechanical invention developed primarily for amateur cricket players, who don’t have multiple cameras tracking the exact positions and movements of their wickets.

The invention consists of a small platform with a solar panel, on which the wicket is fixed. Both the stumps and the bails are fitted with small, solar-powered LED lights. 

If a ball hits either the stumps or the bails and moves them even slightly from their original position, the LED lights turn on automatically. These lights will only turn off once the wicket is back in the original position. 

There is also an option for manual recharging of the wicket without using solar power. 

This invention can help bring down the arguments about if the wicket was actually hit or not while playing. 

Wow, I really wasn’t expecting there was a patent for that!

Thanks for telling me about this, IP Geek! It’s very interesting to see how patents interact with our daily lives. 


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