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Why Should You Do A Patent Search? | IP Conversations

Inventing a unique product or system and then applying for a patent on it can be a costly and complicated process. But do you know that a Patent Search can greatly help the risk factors involved in this process?

Read this IP Conversation to find out!

Hey IP Geek. 

I have been hearing conflicting opinions about the patent search. Is it actually necessary or just a removable additional step? 

Getting a professional patent search done by an expert in the field lets you know if your innovation (a) has not been done before and (b) is good enough to get patented, or if it needs more work. 

This is particularly significant if your innovation is incremental, which is often the case for fast moving technology fields today.

A patent search can give you a greater idea of the possibilities of your patent getting granted. You can use it to decide if to immediately apply for a patent, or work on the invention more to make it unique. 

This may be better than going through the whole process of patent drafting and paying all the attorney and official fees just to find out your technology can’t get a patent.

In fact, if there is intensive research being done in your field by you, your organization, or your competitors, it’s advised that you do a semi-regular patent landscape search. 

This is a general search that gives you an overview of the patents in a field at a given time, so you can structure your R&D for maximum probability of patenting. 

I see- I so doing a patent search can increase the chances of your patent actually getting granted. 

Thanks for letting me know about this, IP Geek. 


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