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How Did Valentines’ Day Make Patent History? | IP Conversations

Have you made plans for this Valentine’s Day?

People all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day today! And while you may think that it has very little to do with IP and patents, did you know that patent history was made on February 14, 1876?

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Hey IP Geek. 

I heard that Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent for the invention of the telephone on the 14th of February.

So wasn’t patent history made on Valentine’s Day?


Yes! The telephone is certainly one of the most famous patents.

But back then it was anything but romantic! Both Mr Bell and  his competitor Mr Gray had to rush to the patent office. 

Mr Bell submitted his application and got his drawing approved on the 14th of Feb, 1876. 

But, Mr Gray had only filed a Patent Caveat, which he later withdrew on advice from his attorney.

This in turn led to a years-long dispute, which was finally settled in favor of Mr Bell.

Mr Bell was granted the title of the true and first inventor of the telephone bell.

I see. It’s safe to say that there is more than one reason to remember the 14th of February.

Thanks for the fascinating anecdote, IP Geek. 


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