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How and Why is Super Mario an IP? | IP Conversations

Can a character have an IP? How do well known franchises protect their very valuable IP? Read this IP Conversation to find out!

Hey IP Geek!

I heard that Nintendo’s game character Mario is actually an IP!

Isn’t this a character? How can something like that be an IP?

Super Mario is an IP created and owned exclusively by Nintendo.

“Super Mario” is a broad term to describe all the non-physical properties created by Nintendo relating to that franchise. 

Characters, stories, and  artwork are all intellectual and intangible creations that can be  protected using certain forms of IP such as trademarks or copyright. 

Super Mario is the second most profitable gaming franchise, outsold only by Pokemon, and Nintendo has the right to protect it against cheap knock-offs and brand dilutions.  

Other famous video game franchises include Tomb Raider and Call of Duty. 

The degree of protection they get for IP is directly proportional to their recognizability and uniqueness.

Who knew that gaming characters also had their own IP? I’ll certainly remember this the next time I play a video game.

Thanks for the information, IP Geek.


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