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Can An AI Be An Inventor? | IP Conversations

Has the rise of chatGPT made you more curious about Artificial Intelligence?

As many workers around the world are discovering to their chagrin, AI technology has become very advanced today. AI can do a lot of things- they can write essays, conduct analyses, give you movie recommendations, and even tell you what all you need to pack for your next trip to the beach.

But can an AI be an Inventor? Read this IP Conversation to find out!

Hey IP Geek. 

Recently, the creator of AI named DABUS filed patent applications for two inventions solely invented by DABUS.

Is this possible? Can an AI be an inventor?


The Indian Patent Controller refused the application.

India allows only a natural person who contributes his originality or skill to the invention to patent an invention.

This application was also rejected in the patent offices of the UK and the USA. They contended that a machine is incapable of inventing under the current laws.  

Initially, Australia had allowed the application. 

But it soon reversed the decision stating that AI is not a legal entity and cannot be considered to be the true inventor.

I see. It’s safe to say that AI is not yet at the point where it can own a patent, then.

 Thanks for the clarification, IP Geek. 


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