With its considerable intrinsic value, Trademark is the engine that drives modern business. It is paramount that trademarks are not only properly exploited by their owners, but also enforced. We at PA Legal, put the depth and breadth of our Trademark experience at your disposal. We share your passion for your brand, which reflects in our incessant commitment to protecting and defending trademarks, be they in the contemporary market or the digital world.

Our Trademark team takes a proactive approach in integrating all facets of trademark law, strategy and litigation to help you sail through new market entry, rebranding, action against counterfeiting and defending the reputation of your brand. We provide services that are tailored according to the needs of your business, be it a Fortune500 company, a small/medium enterprise, or a startup.

Our services for Trademark include:

Trademark Registration and Prosecution: Trademark Registration typically takes between 8-24 months from filing to acceptance. We are committed to making our clients understand each step of the filing process and ensuring that we get their trademarks granted as soon as possible. Our services also include filing for Trademark in foreign countries, as per Madrid Protocol or Convention norms. In case of competing or similar trademarks by competitors, we guard our clients’ marks against brand dilution by filing oppositions when required. Our actions are always taken with a view towards client prosperity and business expansion.

Trademark Analysis: We help our clients to build up their trademark portfolio. Our services include assisting our clients to do a survey of the state of their trademark in the market and monitoring the Trademark Journals for potential brand dilution. We also help our clients recognize and litigate against unregistered trademarks infringing on their claims. We advise our clients on changes in logos, brand names, or other marks in order to maximize their utility. We represent our clients to the best of our ability against any and all barriers they may encounter in the monetization of their mark.

Trademark Renewal: We help our clients to renew their trademarks in a timely fashion, so that they can derive maximum benefits from the legal regime protecting this IP. Trademark renewal also amplifies the value of the intellectual property, fetching further benefits in the future in case of opportunities for IP transactions. Trademark renewal also helps to promote the continuity of the business and reflects the success of the brands associated with it, be it on a national or international scale.

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