Trade Secrets

While there is no specific legislation protecting Trade Secrets in India, technical know-how and trade secrets are an integral part of many kinds of valuable IP. While patents, for example, involve disclosure norms, the actual process or product cannot be reliably reproduced without assistance and know-how from the true and first owners. Trade secrets are as significant as any other IP in this aspect, and huge R&D costs can be rendered a sunken investment by the leaking of confidential information. Identification of all parties with access to relevant information is a necessary part of protecting Trade Secrets.

Our services in this case include the drafting of employee agreements with confidentiality restrictions and NDAs with all other related parties who may have access to the information. Trade secrets are significant in that you can only take legal action against parties if you have taken specific measures to protect your secret from the outset, and we advice you on what measures to take.

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