Is my invention eligible for a Patent?

QuestionsCategory: PatentsIs my invention eligible for a Patent?
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PA Legal Staff answered 4 months ago

Patents cover a wide range of subject matters, but what’s patentable and what isn’t varies between regions. However, every invention needs to satisfy the criteria of (a) novelty, (b) non-obviousness/inventive step, (c) being capable of industrial application and (d) having eligible subject matter.
Novelty requires that the invention has not been previously published by anyone else or the applicant (there are, however, a few time-critical exceptions to this). Non-Obviousness is a trait nominally determined by the examiner, and requires the invention to have a technical advancement not obvious to any person skilled in the art. Capable of industrial application simply requires that the invention must not exist in the abstract and must have some sort of practical application. Subject matter varies between jurisdictions, with different countries or regions having
A well-drafted patent application takes all of these criteria into consideration. The objective is to have minimal grounds for objections from both the examiner and potential opposers. This both speeds up and simplifies the patenting process.

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