Do I need a Patent Search before I begin my work?

QuestionsCategory: PatentsDo I need a Patent Search before I begin my work?
Admin asked 4 months ago
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PA Legal Staff answered 4 months ago

Prior to investing in R&D, it is recommended that a State-of-the-Art search and a Patent landscaping search be conducted. The SoA search covers patents and publications for the technical field the client is operating in. SoA searches helps identify prior art and competing art, as well as areas where inventions are being focused upon and areas of deficiency.
These areas can be further narrowed down and analyzed by a patent Landscaping search. Landscaping may be technological, geographical, or both. It clarifies the patent structure in the chosen field, allowing clients to make more fruitful decisions at a number of critical business junctions such as potential markets, potential licensees and R&D. The goal here is to develop a sustainable and individualized patent and business strategy.

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