Ashok Kumar Orders: Curbing Online Piracy in Bollywood Movies

9th September 2020

Unabashed access to Bollywood Movies provided by a plethora of websites coupled with usage of technologies that hide identity of the user of such work warrants for a dynamic legal remedy to protect economic rights of the creator. In order to combat repercussions of online piracy of Bollywood Movies, John Doe Orders, also commonly known as Ashok Kumar Orders were introduced in India.

Our interns Kunal Bhardwaj and Rachit Taparia have analysed role of Ashok Kumar orders in curbing online piracy in India. 

3D Printing: Patent Perspective in India

31st December 2020


3D printers have revolutionized modern manufacturing by providing cost-effective and timely production of physical objects.  It is interesting to understand how industrial manufacturing can be moved from factories to the computers of a common man. The technology is still evolving and its accessibility, affordability, and functional applications are bound to increase with time.

Varsha Valsaraj, Kunal Bhardwaj, and Rachit Taparia bring forth a detailed analysis of 3D printing with its patent perspective In India. 

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