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Can You Use Your Brainwaves to Move? | IP Conversations

Patents are unique and innovative by definition, and they have a number of diverse functions. For example, did you know about  the Indian patent that allows people to move using their brainwaves? 

Read this IP Conversation to find out!

Hey IP Geek! 

Living with my grandmother has made me see the need for better mobility aids. Do you know if there are any interesting inventions in this field?

Yes! There are a number of inventions designed to make the lives of disabled people easier. 

One example of this is the “Mobility Aid Device” patent granted just this month by the Chennai Patent Office.

This patent gives mobility aid to those who cannot walk because they are paralyzed or have age-related mobility issues.

It consists of a harness that wraps around the user’s body, a frame for the legs, motorized wheels under the feet, telescopic crutches for additional support, and electrodes which read the brainwaves of the user.

The electrodes read the user’s brainwaves and a control unit analyses the data to identify the movements the user wants to make. 

It then generates a command signal, which moves the motorized parts of the device.

This effectively lets the user move from one place to another using their thoughts.

This innovative device was invented by the Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research, and it has the potential to improve the lives of the differently abled. 

It’s always wonderful to see how people from our country work to make things better for everyone.

Happy Independence Day, IP Geek! And thanks for letting me know about this!


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