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Can You Patent A Recipe? | IP Conversations

Some time ago, we explored the possibilities of patenting a perfume. But do you know that recipes may also be patented in certain special circumstances?  

Read this IP Conversation to find out what they are!

Hey IP Geek!

I was wondering if I can get my food recipe patented?

Is it possible?

Well, patents are given to inventions with novelty, inventive-step and utility.  

A conventional food recipe would probably be ineligible, however it’s not impossible, depending on the  jurisdiction. 


If a food preparation recipe involves a unique and non-obvious process, ingredient, or combination of ingredients, it may be eligible for a patent.

For example, in 2019 Nestle received a patent for a chocolate recipe with reduced sugar content. This recipe processes the leftover pulp from the cocoa bean to substitute for traditional sweeteners.

Similarly, Pune based homemaker was also granted a patent for her ragi and walnut soup recipe. 

This patent was granted because the recipe allowed the soup to be preserved for a long time without the addition of any artificial preservatives.

Wow! I did not think that even food recipes could be protected by  IP!

Thanks for letting me know about this, IP Geek. 


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