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Can You Patent A Mobile Application? | IP Conversations

In today’s world, our phones and the apps installed in them are vital to our daily lives and routines. But can these apps be patented?

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Hey IP Geek. 

I was wondering if one can get a patent on a mobile application? 

Yes, mobile applications can be patented if they meet the requirements for patentability. 

In order to be granted a patent, a mobile application must be deemed novel, non-obvious, and have a specific technical solution to a problem.

The invention should be something more than just an abstract idea or a business method- it should have a technical aspect or innovative functionality that sets it apart from existing applications.

It’s worth noting that obtaining a patent for a mobile application can be complex, as there are certain challenges related to patenting software and computer-implemented inventions.

If successful, the patent would protect the unique aspects and functionality of the application, providing the inventor with exclusive rights to the invention for a limited period of time. 

I see. That does seem like a case by case approach, with some apps being more patentable than others. 

Thanks for letting me know about this, IP Geek. 


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