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Can a Patent Protect Your Beer from the Weather? | IP Conversations

Patents are unique and innovative by definition, and they have a number of diverse functions. For example, did you know about a patent that can shield your drinks from the weather?

Read this IP Conversation to find out!

Hey IP Geek. 

I heard from one of my friends that a unique patent to keep beers chilled exists. 

I didn’t even know that something like this is patented!

I think the now-expired patent you’re thinking about is the Beerbrella!

The Beerbrella is a very simple mechanical invention- an umbrella that attaches to a bottle to shield it from the sun and the rain.

In addition to keeping the beverage from getting warmed by the sun and rained on, another focus of the beerbrella is the potential for advertising on the umbrella. 

When people think of patents, they often think of very complicated electronic devices- but small innovations like this are also eligible for a patent so long as they are novel. 

I see- that was an interesting look into the types of inventions that can be patented. 

Thanks for letting me know about this, IP Geek. 


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