Industrial Design

The design for which protection is sought must be original, aesthetically appealing and capable of being applied commercially. We hold the registration of designs as a unique and separate practice area, not conflating the same with patents or trademarks. Our approach is holistic from the outset, and our skilled legal team views your product designs from years of experience and specific knowledge. We understand the spirit of your design and how it translates into taking your brand value forward. Our trusted advisors will be with you at every step: from choosing the right jurisdiction to register your design, to taking prompt action against counterfeits, and to managing your global portfolio of designs.

Our services for Design protection include:

Design Search, Due Diligence, and Analysis: We help our clients by examining the designs in the market and helping them choose a pattern that is both recognizable, innovative and unique. This process also includes identification of the class to which your product belongs, as that limits the applicability of your design registration. Designs are the heart and soul of any new startup, and our aim is to make your final design be nothing less than iconic.

Design Registration: It is important to note that the application for enrolment of a design must be documented before any commercialisation or public presentation of the article. The registration process, while less rigorous than that for many other forms of IP, still requires considerable documentation. Our team is well-versed in the procedure and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Design Prosecution: Our team is qualified to handle industrial designs on a variety of items and consumer products. We guide you in the filing for your design, and assist you in protecting the design upon successful registration. This includes filing opposition notices against similar designs.

Design Renewal and Maintenance: We assist clients in renewing the design protection if they so desire. This service of ours would also include regular updates on market trends and suggestions offered according to the needs of evolving markets, potentially strategising new transactions and benefiting more from the IP. Needless to say, monitoring designs in the market also include watching out for potential infringements, such as cease and desist notices, dispute resolution and litigation.

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