Geographical Indication

Geographical Indications are a way of monetising and leveraging maximum productivity out of agricultural, natural or manufactured goods with histories behind them. India is a country with a proud tradition of multiple unique works of craftsmanship, and we also have agricultural products native to specialized regions. The GI tag internationally identifies these goods as the unique and non-replaceable items that they are. GI is unique in being a form of IP that protects the rights of a network of people rather than singular producers or artisans. While recognition of GI isn’t necessary for a product to be sold, it greatly increases both market value and the actions that can be taken against counterfeit products.

Our services include:

GI Analysis: We offer services to analyze client’s product in order to verify its’ potential and the possibility of designating it as a GI. GIs offer the advantage of allowing associations of people to receive accreditation emphasizing the uniqueness of their items. GI analysis also helps in later phases, allowing identification for more stringent protection of goods.

GI Registration: We offer our services in filing GI applications, including the handling of any oppositions to registration. This crucial step is often a delicate process, including claiming GI under international classification standards. Our process leaves no stone unturned and we will not rest until the Registrar is satisfied with our claim.

GI Defense: We assist our clients in filing against counterfeit goods using the available remedies such as cease and desist notices and litigations. In addition, we monitor the relevant journals for similar marks, and help our clients file oppositions to any GI claims that may infringe on their products.

GI Renewal and Maintenance: We advise our clients on strategic methods of utilizing their GIs. We also keep track of the GIs for renewal, extending the protection of your valuable intangible asset. Continuous maintenance of GI is essential for the derivation proper benefits for your product.

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