Gaming Law

The video game industry has shown steady (and sometimes exceptional) growth since the mid-2000s, with the demand for fresh entertainment being constant in the market. These games cover people from all age groups and using all sorts of devices, from mobile phones to gaming consoles. Needless to say, with strong emphasis on creativity, visuals and technology, games are a sector saturated with various forms of IP. At PA Legal, we do our best to make sure that you get the most out of your creative game development- be it a game for mobile, PC, browsers or more specialized consoles.

Our services in this sector include acquisition of IP for various facets of your game, with an aim towards a more cohesive and visually attractive product. We also help to identify each of the different types of IP and to prove adequate protections for it, so that your game is not helpless against the many knockoffs it will invariably generate in case of success. We also advice our clients on the monetization potential of games, especially in non-traditional platforms like mobiles and web browsers. Our team is comprised of young and vibrant lawyers with both professional and personal experience with games, and it is in our best interest to see your product perfom as well as it can on the market.

Another area where gaming encounters problems in where it brushes up against the borders of gambling. Each state has different laws regarding games with elements of chance, and our team is equipped to advise you on how to get your game to comply with the rules and regulations of the appropriate state.

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