The last two decades have seen a paradigm shift in the way content is delivered and consumed along with the ways in which the content could be misused. Regardless of the sector one operates in, copyright protected content is always at risk. Protecting and finding a healthy balance between your legal and business positions is an essential element of our approach. Our Copyright team consists of experts on copyright laws across the globe, all working together to deliver to you the very best results. Copyright is the most inescapable, comprehensive and openly available protected innovation right. A content creator secures copyright automatically upon creation. However, copyright registration is necessary in case of presenting evidence and consolidating ownership during possible litigations or arbitrations.

Our services for Copyright include:

Copyright Registration: We help our clients to claim the real worth of their creative content. Registration of copyrighted work is necessary for proper litigation, arbitration, licensing or exploitation of work. Our people will be with you every step of your way to identify and protect your artistic expression.

Copyright Defence and Litigation: Copyright vests in the creator of a work once the work is made in a material structure. In our current digital age, copying original work and distributing them online is a significant problem for content creators. We help protect your IP with tactics such as issuance of takedown notices and litigation in cases where copyright infringement persists even after warnings.

Copyright Analysis: The breadth of copyright protection is offset by its lack of specificity, and compounded by the fair use clauses in the Copyright Act. Our advice to our clients is perform a detailed survey and analysis of the works which they wish to opt for protection. In cases where it’s viable, we may also suggest alternative forms of IP protections, such as trademarks. Conducting due diligence investigations to ensure our clients are not in breach of third party rights is particularly essential when it comes to computer software, which in India is protected by copyright under certain circumstances. Our team has strong capabilities in enforcing copyright, litigating civil and criminal suits, search and seizure operations, and pursuing administrative remedies before various courts and tribunals in India.

Copyright Related Rights: Many a times, the creators lose track on the interests and the rights that they can claim for their content. Royalties play a crucial role in both encouraging author creativity as well as amplifying the economic significance of any work. We help our clients find and take down copyright infringements. We also help our clients negotiate licensing, publishing and broadcasting deals for their works. Our work ethic is rooted in our strong belief that every content creator must derive maximum benefit from their creativity.

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