Commercial Law

Commercial law is an essential part of any business- it governs commerce, sales, agreements and employment. Different kinds of companies are required to adapt to different compliance standards, and the fast moving world of global business means there are always contracts to be reviewed, renewed and negotiated. Our team approaches our clients’ needs not with a boilerplate mentality, but with a view as to what would be the most effective methodology for your success in both long and short term.

Our services in this sector include:

Mergers & Acquisitions: In the ever-increasing global competitive market, India acts as both a prodigious consumer of goods as well as a relatively cheap center of manufacture. Mergers and acquisitions are one of the more effective strategies for global companies to make their presence known in the country. Our team assists clients in developing a solid strategy for their business, and we will assist you from opening negotiations and due diligence investigations all the way into drafting the final documents.

Business Setup: A lot of know-how and work go into setting up a new business- from registering the company to partnership and making sure they meet with compliance norms, to negotiation and sourcing of resources, all the way to the drafting of employment contracts particular to the needs of the organization. Our team has experience in dealing with all the usual matters, and will also do our best to anticipate any problems that may arise during the process. Our aim is to make sure that your fledgling venture runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

Contract Drafting: Well-drafted contracts are the lifeblood of any smoothly functioning business. Contracts set up both the client’s defense in case of disagreements as well as the efficient operation of your production, employment and services. At PA legal, we codify our clients’ vision into each drafted document. We make sure that your business functions how you want it, and that your associates cooperate with you every step of the way.

Competition Law: Competition law (also known as anti-trust law in the US) deals in monopolies, dominant positions and market strength. Our team has experience advising our clients on compliance norms and in preparing and collating documents for potential competition-related lawsuits. We also have experience representing our clients in litigations before the CCI.

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