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The Arbitrability of IP Matters in India

The Basics of IP Arbitration Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution which aims at resolving disputes without the involvement of courts. This mechanism has gained prominence over time, but there are certain disputes which are not supposed to be solved through the out-of-court mechanism. While the legislation (Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1996) has …

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Software and IP Protection

As time passes, the technological advancements are picking up pace throughout the world. This results in increasing software usage, in contrast to earlier technological developments where progress meant hardware improvements. Today, there is fierce competition in the field of software. There is also always a risk of software becoming outdated quickly, as better versions flood …

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Getting the Most Out of Your IP (Part I)

Over the past couple of decades, Intellectual Property has gone from being a necessary side-venture in most company portfolios to being what makes up a majority of its assets. For example, statistics stress on the large proportion of IP assets attributable to Fortune 500 companies. While the estimates vary, the lowest places the average IP …

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The End of the IPAB?

The first leg of the 2021 budget session concluded on February 15th, and among the bills introduced was a proposal to reform and reorganize the tribunals formed as a part of multiple Acts. The Bill argues that the Tribunals have not solved litigation issues and have mostly only added an additional layer of lower-level litigation, …

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